Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kustom Kids Boutique - Etsy Seller of the Day

Today we are featuring an Etsy seller that offers patterns! These designs are absolutely precious and perfect for the mom that wants to create things for her daughter like the pros!

Heavenly Things for Angels on Earth - Ebay Seller of the Day!

There were so many cute items in this store that I couldn't just pick three!! Whether it's Easter or St. Patrick's day outfits that you are looking for this week, you will find them here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WisteriaLane & Guests HOPE Charity Launch

Wisterialand and friends are having a charity launch- We Have HOPE!! 100% of the Proceeds will got to the American Red Cross. As designers we have often rallied together to help each other in times of need- we wanted to do something more to help those in need in HAITI!!!
The launch will run Feb 23- March 2nd.

See the WisteriaLane & Guests HOPE Launch Designs!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hey Kitty...Easter is almost here!


I found this cute set kitty catting around E-Bay and thought I would share it with my readers. What a fun Easter set for your favorite Kitty lover!

Find More Easter Treasures on Etsy and E-Bay!
Custom Boutique Easter on E-Bay
Custom Boutique Easter on Etsy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can We Say Absolutely Precious!!!!

This set by Dollie Dimples Boutique is absolutely precious!! A total must see! What little girl doesn't look gorgeous in a smocked set by this designer!

Dollie Dimples Boutique

E-Bay Designer of the Day - E&K Bows

If you are looking for absolutely gorgeous M2MG bows on E-Bay or Etsy, you have to see E&K Bows! I also love the Minnie bow, what a perfect addition to that special outfit she will be wearing when she heads to the big themepark! While she was selected for our E-Bay designer of the day, her Etsy store is filled with even more of her absolutely amazing bows!!

E & K Bows on E-Bay
E&K Bows on Etsy

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